Terms of service

On the site of Miniurl.top, where URLs find their grace,
We present to you our Terms of Service, a poem to embrace.
A sanctuary of brevity, where long links find relief,
But let it be known, we prioritize safety beyond belief.

First and foremost, Minilink is free, a service without cost,
No need for registration, no accounts to exhaust.
With a few clicks, your URLs will be shortened with care,
Effortlessly shared, simplicity beyond compare.

But heed this warning, dear user, for we must be clear,
Illegal activities have no place here, we hold them dear.
Scams, phishing, and deceitful ventures have no room,
At Miniurl.top, we ensure safety will forever bloom.

No viruses shall lurk within our shortened links' domain,
For we guard against such threats, their presence we disdain.
Spam and unwanted messages will find no place,
Miniurl.top stands firm, keeping your experience safe and chaste.

We value your trust and the community we create,
By abiding to these rules, we keep malicious intent at bay.
Respecting others' privacy, we stand tall and strong,
Ensuring a harmonious space where all can belong.

Misuse of our service will not be tolerated,
Abide by the law, for justice must be celebrated.
Illegal activities will face consequences, be aware,
Miniurl.top stands against them, a guardian with care.

We encourage ethical use, responsible and fair,
Share content that enriches, that brings joy and flair.
Respect intellectual property, give credit where it's due,
Let Miniurl.top be a platform for creativity to ensue.

Our Terms of Service, an ode to safety and trust,
A reminder that within Minilink, we're guided just.
Free and registration-free, a haven for all,
But remember, illegal activities shall face a fall.

Enjoy the wonders of brevity, the power it imparts,
With Miniurl.top, your links find their hearts.
Safely navigate the digital realm, worry-free,
Knowing Miniurl.top guards against all that shouldn't be.

So embrace the freedom, the simplicity we provide,
Follow our Terms of Service, let them be your guide.
Together we'll foster a community that's strong,
Where legal, safe, and responsible usage throngs.

On the site of Miniurl.top, where possibilities bloom,
Let us embark on this journey, let us dispel any gloom.
URLs made short, connections made bright,
With trust and safety, we'll navigate the digital height.